Drawing of Aurora Sky

Now, living in an era where technology is much developed, we need to look at the definition of 'art' in a broader way. Nowadays, art has become a common element around us. You can think of the media art that attracts people's interest and attention as one of the arts.

I have been interested in various arts so far and this curiosity of mine has awakened my spirit of challenge. Thanks to I interest in painting since I was young, and now I have a wider approach to the art of media design. I especially like to watch videos that inspire people. I believe they give people a chance to learn in a more accessible way. I also want to make a moving video that has a good influence on people.

I believe art is a method of expressing inner emotions and thoughts. I show my feelings through art, and this was successful for me. I tried using words, actions, and other techniques to reveal my inner ideas, but it didn't have the equivalent effect as using art. Art provided an environment for me to remove the hardship, depression, and sadness I experienced and helped me to stay engaged in life.

There are many various ways to reveal my emotions through art. There is no limit on how people could express their feelings. I continue seeking new methods because I want to express my emotions and thoughts in many different ways. I am willing to attempt anything new.

Drawing of Que-Sera-Sera